Final Submission

Uni now done and experiencing this strange thing called “free time” I am uploading the main slides from the final presentation. It went really well, with a lot of positive comments and discussion coming out of it.


More model making…

Did a test to see if the resin idea would work and it kinda failed… So I thought the best course of action was to just pour the real model… Caution to the wind.

Another Model

Section model is coming together and I started today on my 1:200 site model.. It weighs a tonne! 20kg of plaster when in along with 15litres of water.. Think I need to check for a weight limit on the presentation table. The idea for the site model is to build all the internal walls and then fill the inside with resin up to the level of the boardwalk. This will “hopefully” give the impression of a roof/boardwalk whilst still allowing a view in.. its a bit/a lot risky though as I’m not going to know if it works until i fill it up with resin and have a look.. By then if it doesn’t… well…

Construction has begun on the first of my final models. This is an updated version of the model I submitted for developed, its 1:50 and will be accompanied by a 1:200 site model.

The plan was to cast the concrete skeleton of the building out of Ciment Fondu and then cast the earth in plaster. The ciment fondu turned out to be the easy bit, after some initial testing to get the right mix going it was just a matter of laser cutting the perspex formwork and sealing it all up as watertight as possible. The mix i used was 1 part Fondu, 0.25 casting plaster, and 0.4 water. The casting plaster gives it a bit of initial strength after the first half an hour, holding everything in place until the fondu can set after a few hours and give it its real strength. A coat of concrete laquer when it was done brought up the shine, might give it another coat when I’m all done.

The initial idea was to create the fondu skeleton and then cast the plaster around it leaving the fondu in place. Sounded easy… but wasn’t. The first attempt to pour failed miserably and resulted in 20kgs of wasted plaster and me hosing out my fondu cast at 2am in the morning. Round 2 proved more successful with an elaborate creation of watertight formwork that would get me a job in the most elite of fish tank builders. Just a matter of cleaning up the plaster a bit now as it got everywhere, and then building the internal parts of the building. Stay tuned…

Joe Black

Some inspiration for my final artwork. I have been thinking about creating a mosaic of voyeuristic images that together make up one single image and have just discovered the amazing work by Joe Black. He uses the same idea but the smaller images are usually objects.. in these two cases below they are pins with porn on them for Marylyn, and for the skull they are flowers.. I love this style of presentation and allows for some depth in a single image as well as conveying quite a bit of information as the smaller images could include renders or anything relevant.


Working Drawings

Way too many hours in front of the computer to produce these 4 sheets of paper.

The working drawings for a small section of the gym…

Developed Design Submission

Here is my submission for the developed design part of the project. The intent was to develop the overall design of the building whilst focusing on specific parts to understand the finer details of how the building would feel and the atmosphere it would produce…

The act of going to the gym is a social experience, whilst the act of working out is a very internal existential experience, where your senses are heightened and your sense of self is at peak.
The building seeks to heighten these senses by being devoid of external distraction, the few ornamental features and views to the outside world in place are done sparingly and are intended to heighten the subversive, almost otherworldly feeling of the space. This surreal atmosphere is a reaction to the surreal nature of gym culture; body dis morphia, steroids, perfection, obsession, they are all a surreal sense of self and are thus reflected in the architecture.

The presentation was to Andrew Donaldson, Chris Tucker and Drew Heath. It went well and overall very positive feedback with only a few criticisms that i was able to clear up in the Q&A. Drew questioned the structural integrity of the sand wall along with my motivations for choosing a project like this. He also commented that the ideas of the mirror could be pushed to encompass the whole project, the entire building could be an assortment of designed reflections which create viewpoints and angles that invite the outside in and reflect the inside out. To work though this would need to be an all encompassing element that was ingrained in the design of the building so as not to seem like a cheap trick. Andrew commented on how it is a great counterpoint to the new surf club building and how that could become a more important part of the project architecturally. Chris questioned the mirrors and layout of the main floor, saying it seemed more like an art installation than a place of working out. My argument was that they are one and the same thing in a gym like this.

Im happy with the development since schematic and look forward to refining it before final submission in a few months.


A collection of funky mirror ideas…

Polished mirror

Infinite Room

Crazy Mirrored Landscape

The Rabbit Hole

Selective mirror

Reflective concrete

Mirror Slide

Mirror Roof

Temple of the body

The Vedic seers (Rishis) having realized God within themselves gave designs and functions of temples in scriptures (agama shastras) of Vedic Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma). Its purpose is to enable a devotee to use a physical temple and the ritualistic worship as a reminder to the spiritual journey to be carried out within oneself. In addition, it also serves as a place for celebrations of Hindu religious festivals. A Vedic Hindu temple’s architecture is a divine and yogic representation of a human being as shown in the figure (ref: Agama kosha by S.K. Ramachndra Rao). The feet represent the spire (rajagopura). The hands represent the walkway (prakaara) encompassing all around the temple. The main hall (mandapa) represents the abdomen. The entrance porch (antaraala) represents the heart. The sanctum sanctorum (garbha griha) represents the head. The deity is consecrated with religious rites in the sanctum sanctorum. There is proportionality between the size of the deity in the sanctum sanctorum and the sizes of the temple construction details.


Malls as Gyms?

Concerning the idea of placing the exhibitionist gym inside a different contrasting building typology I have come across this article which talks about the trend in the states of malls starting to become holistic nutritional health centres with gyms at their core and lined with, health food, sporting goods, medical needs, supplement shops, etc..

This trend comes on the back of a society that, in spite of mass obesity, is becoming more aware of health and well being issues than any other before us (mainly due to the internet and increasing media influence). It has spawned a trend of a society that is becoming just as, or maybe more concerned with, not just what they wear but how they feel, and look as people under the clothes. It is also common knowledge that shopping centres are dying as more and more is available online and it is unnecessary to brave the crowds of consumers. But some things, such as a gym membership, cant be used online, you need to be there in the flesh, you need to experience it. This shows potential for the Gym project to take on a new dimension. If the gym could be inserted into a dying or unused shopping centre it would enable the gym to function as a catalyst in the adaptation of the centre into a nutritional “facility” where everything could be obtained under one roof.

This shows potential for the Gym project to take on a new dimension. If the gym could be inserted into a dying or unused shopping centre it would enable the gym to function as a catalyst in the adaptation of the centre into a nutritional “facility” where everything could be obtained under one roof.