The Factory

An obvious precedent for the project is Andy Warhol’s factory where he created his pop culture machine. The factory was home to Warhols motly crew of artistic companions, along with A list guests. They would indulge in extravagant drug and sex parties along with filming, painting and screen printing the various pieces of Warhols collection.

This underground art culture interests me as it touches onto the subject of drug culture in the arts. Not only the arts but from, Baudelaire to Einstein, Picasso to Steve Jobs, there have been a very large amount of artists and creative thinkers that have found some form of catalyst in altered states of mind. Wether that be from the escapism, transcendence, detachment from social pretences or just plain enjoyment, the connection is there and deserves to be investigated.

“..our attitude to drugs is really one of motes and beams: we overlook ‘our’ drugs, and demonise ‘theirs’, whoever ‘us’ and ‘them’ might be, both in place and in time.”

Maybe creating a full blown drug den is too much but, the fact that an altered state can create an altered perspective is a powerful notion in the area of the arts. For this reason I would like to investigate the underground art culture throughout history and seek to find precedents that support this idea. The project may take the form of something that may seem unconventional or maybe even plain wrong according to the moral views of today, but that could be just the thing that draws in the creative minds, and allows them to mix and release their full potential.


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