5th yr Project

“Comfortable existence has come to mean conforming existence.”

Looking back through history we see times of oppression and tension which result in the banding together and mobilisation of creative ‘free thinkers’. The result of which isa group of avant garde individuals who see the world from a different perspective, and when the pressure gets too much the tipping point comes and these individuals ignite with a new world view.


– Archigram and Situationists were responding to the pressures of post world war 2 with the impending technological age ….

– Also we see people like Andy Warhol reacting to consumer driven pop culture of the 60’s …

To varying degrees these people were revolutionaries who were able to step away from the status quo and even run against it in order to influence a new perspective..

Without these people humanity is left as a homogenous machine marching forward like a moth to the flame, blinded by the spectacle of “modern” life. They are the “spice” in the world mix that should be encouraged not stamped out.

Nietzsche talks about the constant power struggle that exists in the Apollian/Dionysian dichotomy, and it seems evident that as civilisation marches on we are moving in the direction of a purely Apollian society. To exist as a “life affirming, dynamic civilisation” there must be a balance between the Apollian and Dionysian virtues.

Through history when society has fallen too far towards an Apollian civilisation, the free thinkers have sought out solace and safety in the darker places, the places that embrace the more primal and emotional urges of man. From the cafes and opium dens of France, to Andy Warhols ‘Factory’ these underground places have nurtured the creative minds that are needed to drive humanity forward

This project seeks to act as a commentary on modern civilisation by creating a space that embraces the Dionysian virtues whilst acting as an incubator for change in a post consumerist world.


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