House of Enlightenment

Looking back through various ideas for my 5th yr project, i think I have settled on an alternative “School of Arts” but this idea I had early on may influence the way it heads:
House of Enlightenment..
The project would be a place to facilitate the use of drugs in a controlled environment. Specifically it would look at the use and potential mind expanding properties of certain illicit drugs such as LSD, Opium, Absinthe and certain hallucenagenics. 
The project will look at the current topical issue of decriminalising illicit drug use. The project would also look at the role of illicit drugs throughout history as a catalyst for great works of art, literature and philosophical thinking.
The project would exist in a grey area of both morality and legality, and will therefore look to critique the role of these man made laws and human ideology of right vs wrong. For this reason the project will be situated on the site of the old Newcastle Courthouse that is set to be relocated to Hunter st. The placement of the building here, and subsequent “detournement” of the courthouse sets the tone for a building which straddles the line between right and wrong, order and chaos, structure and fluidity.

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