New Project!!

So after trying to push the “Arts Hub/Cafe” project for the last 2 weeks I finally gave in and decided to can it in favor for a different project..

Instead I will be doing a “GYM”

The gym is a simple typology but houses a complex social structure. The GYM is a building as a machine of forced evolution, impatient with the slow process of gradual advancement, or maybe frustrated with what an evolved human is, people have taken this process into their own hands, creating their own super human image.
People go to them to conform, to fit in, to be a part of a “pack”. People concerned about their social image find solace in being with other people concerned about the same thing. It is a chance to regress to primitive pack culture of a group striving toward a common goal. The common goal is essentially to fit in, the clients are unwittingly all striving to look the same… One homogenised entity of toned muscle mass.
Gyms used to be places of health and fitness but they have turned a corner in the last 20?yrs and have now become places obsessed with body image with people pushing their bodies beyond limits with aid of drugs and they have become places that can actually have a negative effect on health.
so I’m looking at the mentality of people going to gyms.. why do they do it? what do they get from it? motivations? are these a reaction to modern civilisation?is the reason to transcend? escape? conform?
The project would critique gym culture and the social issues it embodies and how these issues are relevant through wider society. Not necessarily negative issues but highlighting all aspects of gym culture; masculinity/femininity, perfection, measurement, erotica, identity, transcendence, exhibitionism. 
Downtown Athletics Club, Koolhaas

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