Site Analysis Presentation

Presented the site analysis for the gym today. It was well received even though it was very rushed and the amount of detail was low. Richard Leplastrier liked the premise of the gym down on the beachfront and thought I had understood the site well, although did suggest that Taylor Square in the city could be a better option as an exhibitionist gym there would “go off”. Richard also commented that gymnasiums were originally places for the training of the body & mind, and that for that reason I should include a theatre, or something to engage the mind. Not sure how I feel about this as I was hoping to exaggerate the gym culture as a critique.

Emma Guthry commented that the act of people watching is a big part of both Bondi and gym culture and that maybe a linear building would loose something, and maybe a more wandering approach may be viable. Overall it was well received and they thought it was an interesting project to take on.


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