Concept Submission

So today was concept submission and it went ok, not the best.. but ok. Presented to Andrew and Emma again but this time Mark Taylor instead of Rick LePlastrier. Like the previous submission the project sparked a lot of interest in the tutors and made for a lot of feedback as they were interested in the idea of the project… A good thing.

A common theme among the tutors was that the idea of the gym being split into separate areas of the body and mind doesn’t really hold water as the two are interwoven and dependant on each other. I agree with this and had already started to realise it during the last week. The idea that the gym can start as a pursuit of the body but then as you start exercising it triggers a whole series of emotions and chemical firings in the brain that then in turn influence the body creating a symbiotic and interwoven relationship between the two. Andrew mentioned a book that looked at the parallels between running a marathon and philosophy. Saying how the book looked at how what a runner goes through mentally is much the same as existentialist philosophy and thought. Didnt catch the name but would be interesting to read. Emma asked what would the architecture of a marathon look like? …Not sure if I want to figure that out.

Emma commented that I should revisit ideas I presented in the first submission, mainly the idea of a linear gym where the deeper you go the more you are taken over by its culture.. Funny though because she suggested a more meandering plan would be better.. But I tend to agree, I like the idea of a linear arrangement, it would allow for a more conceptual building. She also said I should focus more on the reasons why people go to gyms, why the PAY to go to gyms when they dont need to. Plus the things that come with that like guilt for not going, etc.. One other thing that Emma said which I liked the sound of was simplifying the layout so there were just a few core rooms i.e weights, aerobics, lockers etc, and then finding what the essence of each of those rooms is and embellishing it to its fullest. I like the sound of this and would make for a very interesting building and a strong critique of the typology.

Mark taylor took an interest in the project as I thought he would as he has a background in the same sorts of issues involved. He mentioned some texts I should read, namely ‘Stud – Architectures of Masculinity’ which looks interesting. He, along with Andrew also said I should focus more on one or two issues and really flesh them out. I agree with this as it was starting to feel like it was dealing with too many things. Mark and Andrew both thought that the sexuality and gender issues would be the way to go.. Looks im doing a gay gym then..

All in all it was well received even if I was too tired to answer any questions with much enthusiasm.

Sheet #1

Sheet #1

A0 concept

Sheet #2


"Chasing Perfection"

“Chasing Perfection”


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