Just stumbled on these images of an early piece of exercise equipment called the “Gymnasticon”. Its a funky looking contraption that was used to exercise the joints as a form of physical therapy. This machine was invented in 1741 by Nicolas Andry, and I think its interesting to note how gym equipment hasnt changed all that much in the time since, it is still basically an assembly of weights and pullies, with the exception of modern hydraulic machines of course. It is also interesting to note how the act of excercising hasnt changed. It is still the primitive act of monotonous physical activity that we put ourselves through, and with the incredible technological leaps since the 1700’s its funny that we are still a slave to the machine.

453px-Gymnasticon_works_edited 411px-Gymnasticon

More images of early gym equipment. Love the classic, heavy, detailed mechanical look of them. Maybe could be something that influences the aesthetic of the Bondi Gym..

0527565k6-Heilgymnastikzander02 0aasitttingghit zander07 pena4 _issues_29_assets_images_pena5


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