Schematic Presentation


Scott Kirby Schematic Presentation

So Schematic Submission was yesterday, lived on coffee and cold and flu tablets for the last week to get it done but got there in the end. Considering only a week before I had only a few vague ideas of what the building would be it turned out alright. In the crit I had Chris, Andrew, Rick and Pete, and their criticisms were both expected and right on the mark. They were mostly in agreement that the building has moments where it works but lacks a broader driving force that runs through the whole. Pete said that the subject matter creates a provoking argument but the I haven’t shown a provoking building. Thats fair and looking forward it gives me creative licence to go a bit crazy I guess. Pete also commented on the site selection, saying that it if the proposed building was built it would dramatically change the character of Bondi. I guess if the character of the building changes as it will, this view may change as I think the site is relevant to the project, but agree that the building type and form may not be.


Chris commented that creating an all in one narcissistic playground is a bit one dimensional, and that maybe the project would gain more depth if the seedy exhibitionist gym was a counterpoint to another building that surrounded it. Andrew also added that maybe the real core of the project isn’t so much the exhibitionist gym but the process of making it to that point. Combining these two comments has me thinking of a building or a layering of outer buildings that filters people out and around leaving only the exhibitionist few that make it to the centre where the Gym is.


Rick likes the project as he has said a few times, but once again compared it back to ancient greek gymnasia and said that wouldn’t it be great if it were an actual sporting gym, with high diving boards and all sorts of things.. not sure about that.


All in all the comments were varied but have given me a lot of food for thought and am sure that the project will evolve for the better over the next few months.

Scott Kirby Schematic Presentation_Page_02Scott Kirby Schematic Presentation_Page_03Scott Kirby Schematic Presentation_Page_06Scott Kirby Schematic Presentation_Page_05Scott Kirby Schematic Presentation_Page_08Scott Kirby Schematic Presentation_Page_12Scott Kirby Schematic Presentation_Page_14Scott Kirby Schematic Presentation_Page_15Scott Kirby Schematic Presentation_Page_16Scott Kirby Schematic Presentation_Page_20Scott Kirby Schematic Presentation_Page_21Scott Kirby Schematic Presentation_Page_24Scott Kirby Schematic Presentation_Page_25Scott Kirby Schematic Presentation_Page_26Scott Kirby Schematic Presentation_Page_28Scott Kirby Schematic Presentation_Page_29Scott Kirby Schematic Presentation_Page_32Scott Kirby Schematic Presentation_Page_34Scott Kirby Schematic Presentation_Page_38Scott Kirby Schematic Presentation_Page_48Scott Kirby Schematic Presentation_Page_49Scott Kirby Schematic Presentation_Page_54Schematic PresentationScott Kirby Schematic Presentation_Page_55Scott Kirby Schematic Presentation_Page_56


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