Back to school

After a looong mid year break I am slowly getting my head back into uni mode. I have put my project in the back of my mind for the last 2 months as i try to recoup some funds and enjoy myself, but it has been there; brooding and ever-present. Where I last left it was after the schematic presentation and I was semi-satisfied with where it was headed, but maybe not 100% on the location, or the building… So come to think of it, not sure why I wasnt working all holidays on fixing it..  :-/

Through the holidays the last comments of the tutors in my crit have been echoing through my thoughts and I have started to look at the project in a slightly different light. Comments made about relating the ideas of beauty, status and exhibitionism back to the architectural qualities of the building and even more so, the architecture discipline as a whole have been eating at me and I feel that this is a direction that the project needs to take. Whether the building stays in Bondi or not, I think as a Gym it would be relevant for the building to comment on the architectural industry and the idea of “look at me” buildings/architects.

Another idea that has been eating at my thoughts is the comments made about the idea of a narcissistic playground being a building type that is maybe unnecessary for Bondi as it is one already. Comments from the tutors were that the narcissistic playground would be more effective if it was only a part in a greater whole. A whole which was maybe concerned with more holistic health and fitness, or maybe not fitness at all but a typology that would give contrast to the hedonistic behavior of the narcissistic gym.




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