Developed Design Submission

Here is my submission for the developed design part of the project. The intent was to develop the overall design of the building whilst focusing on specific parts to understand the finer details of how the building would feel and the atmosphere it would produce…

The act of going to the gym is a social experience, whilst the act of working out is a very internal existential experience, where your senses are heightened and your sense of self is at peak.
The building seeks to heighten these senses by being devoid of external distraction, the few ornamental features and views to the outside world in place are done sparingly and are intended to heighten the subversive, almost otherworldly feeling of the space. This surreal atmosphere is a reaction to the surreal nature of gym culture; body dis morphia, steroids, perfection, obsession, they are all a surreal sense of self and are thus reflected in the architecture.

The presentation was to Andrew Donaldson, Chris Tucker and Drew Heath. It went well and overall very positive feedback with only a few criticisms that i was able to clear up in the Q&A. Drew questioned the structural integrity of the sand wall along with my motivations for choosing a project like this. He also commented that the ideas of the mirror could be pushed to encompass the whole project, the entire building could be an assortment of designed reflections which create viewpoints and angles that invite the outside in and reflect the inside out. To work though this would need to be an all encompassing element that was ingrained in the design of the building so as not to seem like a cheap trick. Andrew commented on how it is a great counterpoint to the new surf club building and how that could become a more important part of the project architecturally. Chris questioned the mirrors and layout of the main floor, saying it seemed more like an art installation than a place of working out. My argument was that they are one and the same thing in a gym like this.

Im happy with the development since schematic and look forward to refining it before final submission in a few months.


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