Construction has begun on the first of my final models. This is an updated version of the model I submitted for developed, its 1:50 and will be accompanied by a 1:200 site model.

The plan was to cast the concrete skeleton of the building out of Ciment Fondu and then cast the earth in plaster. The ciment fondu turned out to be the easy bit, after some initial testing to get the right mix going it was just a matter of laser cutting the perspex formwork and sealing it all up as watertight as possible. The mix i used was 1 part Fondu, 0.25 casting plaster, and 0.4 water. The casting plaster gives it a bit of initial strength after the first half an hour, holding everything in place until the fondu can set after a few hours and give it its real strength. A coat of concrete laquer when it was done brought up the shine, might give it another coat when I’m all done.

The initial idea was to create the fondu skeleton and then cast the plaster around it leaving the fondu in place. Sounded easy… but wasn’t. The first attempt to pour failed miserably and resulted in 20kgs of wasted plaster and me hosing out my fondu cast at 2am in the morning. Round 2 proved more successful with an elaborate creation of watertight formwork that would get me a job in the most elite of fish tank builders. Just a matter of cleaning up the plaster a bit now as it got everywhere, and then building the internal parts of the building. Stay tuned…


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